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6/56 Chandos St, St Leonards, NSW, 2065, (02) 9906 2189, Office hours: 10am - 1 pm, 2 pm -4.30pm Tuesdays - email: ciss2009 - at - 

Welcome to the Cancer Information & Support Society (CISS) home page. On this page you will find a brief description of who we are. 

 CISS Promotes Non-toxic Wholistic Medicine. CISS is an educational organization promoting prevention, self-help, and freedom of choice in therapies for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

CISS principles are:

  • We should learn to accept responsibility for our own health.

  • The therapy should be wholistic, considering the whole body, mind, emotions and spirit.

  • The therapy should do no harm.

CISS is a Charity Registered in NSW, Australia We do not receive any funds from any government or private source. We survive on membership fees and donations from those whom we have helped. For this reason we cannot afford to provide information to the general public other than a brief introductory summary of the work we do and an application form for membership. General information on cancer is available from State Cancer Councils in you area. 

CISS is not permitted to provide services to cancer patients. We receive numerous inquiries from the general public about alternative cancer treatments. Unfortunately we are restricted to providing this type of information to members of our Society only. 

Special Facilities for Members We have many books available on therapies and members can borrow any of these books free of charge. They represent some of the more than 600 books on cancer in our library. Once a person has decided the on the therapies he or she is going to use CISS can provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of doctors, in Australia and overseas, who can provide these therapies. 

For an additional charge CISS can also provide up-to date information about these therapies and extracts of articles that mention them from many books, scientific articles and newspapers. We have information about the efficacy of orthodox and alternative therapies. We also have case histories of people, including local residents, who have completely recovered from advanced cancer. These are in the form of books and videos available for hire free of charge to members. 

There are many advantages to becoming a member of CISS. If you choose to join our Society please print off and post the application form to the address shown above.

Our NSW Central Coast Branch holds regular public meetings to discuss topics of interest to people with cancer and their carers, please see the Support groups section for details.

 We believe cancer is often caused by unresolved emotional problems. Therefore membership includes free counselling to help identify and resolve such problems. Alternatively, phone our office and make an appointment to talk about the role of CISS.

All information on this site is for educational purposes only. No claims are made on or for the validity or correctness of the material provided. CISS accepts no responsibility for use of this information. Use at you own risk. When in doubt consult a sympathetic health professional.